The Nervous System Reset Retreat in Costa Rica

All-Inclusive 7-Day Yoga and Breathwork Retreat
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Nervous System Reset Retreat in Costa Rica

At Shambhala Costa Rica

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 This 7-Day Nervous System Reset Retreat in Costa Rica is a journey into your deep self.  Discover the mysteries of tantra and Kundalini Yoga. Experience the full potential of your breath with Elemental Rhythm Breathwork. Surround yourself with nature while diving deep into the practice of yoga and breathwork. 7 days to reset the nervous system and renew the mind body connection.


  Discover Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork

   Reconnect with Nature 

  Reset your nervous system and renew your mind, body connection

   Find inspiration for your projects

What to expect ?

7-Day Nervous System Reset Retreat in Costa Rica

Shambhala yoga classes
  • Daily Yoga Classes with Kundalini and Hatha yoga
  • Elemental Rhythm Breathwork : a powerful breathwork practice. You can learn more about Elemental Rhythm  here 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Spiritual Kungfu Class : An introduction to the art of Kung Fu with a Kung Fu master, energizing and fun
Kundalini Yoga foods
  • 3 delicious and nutritive vegetarian meals a day with local fresh ingredients
  • Accommodation in private cabin, private or shared room with AC 3 minutes walk to the beach
Shambhala Activities Surf Yoga retreat
  • Fire blessing and purifying ceremony
  • A meal at the Restaurant La Luna in Playa Pelada, Nosara
  • Beach trip to Guiones and San Juanillo
  • Sunrise Turtle Sightseeing tour in Playa Ostional (Turtles arrivals to be confirm by Asociaones de Guias Locales de Ostional)

What’s included

icon check ALL-INCLUSIVE
icon checkDaily Yoga Classes
icon checkBeach trip to Playa Guiones and snorkeling trip to Playa San Juanillo
icon check Breathwork 
icon check Guided Meditation
icon checkIntroduction to Spiritual Kung Fu
icon checkAccommodation (6 nights)
icon check3 meals a day

What’s not included

icon checkAirfare
icon checkAirport Transfer (can be arranged at extra cost)
icon checkAdditional massages and treatments

The Location at Shambhala Costa Rica

Shambhala Costa Rica is nested on a mountain two-minutes walk from Playa Ostional, a beach dedicated to the protection of Sea Turtles and famous for its monthly turtle arrivals. All classes take place in an Ocean View yoga shala.  The area of Nosara is a beautiful beach town that has yoga, surf and wellness vibes. You will spot a wide variety of birds and wildlife that make the costs of Costa Rica a wonderful place.

Few spots remaining for July 18th-24th, 2022

Chakras Kundalini Retreat

What is Kundalini Yoga ?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to purify and activate the life force energy in the body known as Prana. Kundalini Yoga combines Tantra, Mantra and Prana. Tra means “tool” and Tan means “body”, Tantra is a tool for the body while Mantra means tool for the mind. Kundalini Yoga will help you tune in for the day and purify your body. Moreover, you will gain the awareness of the energy centers in your body that you may have heard of as the chakras. 

What is Elemental Rhythm Breathwork ?

Ever wondered how it feels to experience the full potential of your breath? Elemental Rhythm Breathwork allows you to set an intention for each session and get an insight at the end of the session. But that’s not all, it can help you release stuck emotions and work through patterns. And it will allow you to reconnect and heal your inner child. Also, if it’s your intention, it can also be used as a tool to help healing and understanding the root of physical pain. Combining breathing with the wisdom of the elements, Elemental Rhythm is a powerful breathwork experience. Partially inspired by Wim Hoff and created by Giovanni Bartolomeo, Elemental goes deeper and can lead to amazing breakthrough experiences.

Elemental Rhythm

 A typical day at the Nervous System Retreat 

07:30 am    Morning Kundalini Yoga Session

09:00 am    Breakfast

09:30 am    Beach Trip to the different beaches of the area

10:30 am    Prana Booster Drink

10:45 am    Free Time

12:00 pm    Lunch

01:00 pm    Free Time

04:30 pm   Elemental Rhythm Breathwork or Yoga

06:00 pm    Sunset on the beach

06:30 pm    Diner

07:30 pm    Bonfire or free time

What can i do during free time ?
We picked the traveler’s favorite activities around Nosara.



Private Cabin with Ocean View at Shambhala

Your own private cabin overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the outdoor space has hammocks, sunbeds and a private terrasse. A large garden surrounds the cabin.  And, it’s only a few steps away from the ocean view yoga shala. Wifi access and AC provided.

Ostional Turtle Lodge Cabina 1

Private/ Shared room at the Jungle Lodge

Beautiful rooms with AC and wifi at the Jungle lodge 3 minutes walk from the main space of the center. If you share a room at the Jungle lodge, you will share with one other guest of the same gender and can chill all day on the premises of Shambhala. 

See all of our lodging options and amenities here

“Wonderful experience, only good vibes, familiar atmosphere!”

The Kundalini yoga sessions were a wonderful start of the day, and with breakfast, lunch and dinner included at the outdoor kitchen we felt like a family after a few days.  My casita was cute and comfortable, I had everything I needed for the week in one big lovely room. I met very interesting people in Nosara and and we could try Acupuncture, participate in a special breathing session, a deep tissue massage.

Daniel Schweitzer


I am forever grateful

My stay at Shambhala was nothing short of magical. Being at the property felt like I was being embraced by mother nature – from the stunning ocean vista, to the plants and trees that are on the land, and the animals that call the surrounding area home. My soul craved a place where I could integrate downloads from Spirit, and Shambhala was that place.

Their shala provided a sacred container where I can connect with the Divine through the practice of intentional movement, yoga and meditation. And the mesmerizing view induced me into reflection, stillness, and meditative trance.

At night, I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean waves, and my sleep was deep and restorative.

But the most important aspect of my stay was the hosts themselves, Isabelle and Elena. This mother-daughter team is a beacon of light, and any lost soul can find herself through their presence. Isabelle introduced me to Kundalini yoga, and the importance of breath, and Elena, with her knowledge and wisdom grounded in plant medicine, is a force to be reckoned with.

Ego is no match for the amount of light that is experienced at Shambhala. For this I am forever grateful.

Marina, Toronto Canada

I would recommend to anyone!

Isabelle’s passion for teaching Kundalini is second to none. Her classes are high in energy and full of love. Not to mention the incredible view from the new yoga shala overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I would recommend to anyone!

Morgan Jupiter, Florida US

Amazing Guided Spiritual Experience!

I had the pleasure to connect with my inner essence, through the beautiful and harmonious guide of Isabelle when held herBreathWork Session.

Her joy, energy and deep knowledge, is something that takes you into an amazing consciousness of your being never reach before.

Keep brightening our paths, Isabelle! Namaste!

Iv, San Jose Costa Rica

Yoga with Isabelle is a unique experience!

Yoga with Isabelle is a unique experience that helps to ground into the present moment in a safe space for personal exploration. Being leaded by Isabelle that has dived into different spiritual practices creates a fresh experience that feels gentle, nourishing and deep all at the same time.

Dani, Nosara Costa Rica

Upcoming Nervous System Reset retreat Dates

Retreat Dates:
  • May 16th – 22nd, 2022
  • July 18th – 24th, 2022
  • November 14th – 20th, 2022
  • December 12th – 18th, 2022
Private Ocean View Cabina at Shambhala : $1800

Private Room at Turtle Lodge: $1350

Shared room at Turtle Lodge (max 2 people): $1050

Duo –  Private Ocean View Cabina at Shambhala : $2300

*If you choose to stay a the Turtle Lodge during your  retreat, it is located 3 minutes walk from Shambhala, it’s close to the beach and you will be able to enjoy the facilities of Shambhala through the day. 

A deposit will secure you spot at the retreat, please write us through the form or contact us directly on What’s app.
  • We will get back to you within 24 hours

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