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Shambhala is nested on a magical hill with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Reconnect with Nature and the ocean, practice yoga, breath work, ecstatic dance and re-discover nutrition with a plant based diet. Come to this nurturing escape recharge your life force energy and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!

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Kundalini Yoga class in Shambhala Costa Rica

Kundalini Yoga Retreat


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Horse & Yoga Retreat



Surf & Yoga Retreat


Follow the joy you heart desires

Experience incredible wildlife

Relax & Enjoy your time at the beach

Breathe. Align. Explore.

Cultivating alignment of the body, mind and spirit with ancient practices : breathwork, kundalini yoga, chanting, dancing and (re)connecting with nature. The vision of Shambhala is to provide a safe and sacred space to unfold.

I am forever grateful

My stay at Shambhala was nothing short of magical. Being at the property felt like I was being embraced by mother nature – from the stunning ocean vista, to the plants and trees that are on the land, and the animals that call the surrounding area home. My soul craved a place where I could integrate downloads from Spirit, and Shambhala was that place.

Their shala provided a sacred container where I can connect with the Divine through the practice of intentional movement, yoga and meditation. And the mesmerizing view induced me into reflection, stillness, and meditative trance.

At night, I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean waves, and my sleep was deep and restorative.

But the most important aspect of my stay was the hosts themselves, Isabelle and Elena. This mother-daughter team is a beacon of light, and any lost soul can find herself through their presence. Isabelle introduced me to Kundalini yoga, and the importance of breath, and Elena, with her knowledge and wisdom grounded in plant medicine, is a force to be reckoned with.

Ego is no match for the amount of light that is experienced at Shambhala. For this I am forever grateful.

Marina, Toronto Canada

I would recommend to anyone!

Isabelle’s passion for teaching Kundalini is second to none. Her classes are high in energy and full of love. Not to mention the incredible view from the new yoga shala overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I would recommend to anyone!

Morgan Jupiter, Florida US

Amazing Guided Spiritual Experience!

I had the pleasure to connect with my inner essence, through the beautiful and harmonious guide of Isabelle when held herBreathWork Session.

Her joy, energy and deep knowledge, is something that takes you into an amazing consciousness of your being never reach before.

Keep brightening our paths, Isabelle! Namaste!

Iv, San Jose Costa Rica

Yoga with Isabelle is a unique experience!

Yoga with Isabelle is a unique experience that helps to ground into the present moment in a safe space for personal exploration. Being leaded by Isabelle that has dived into different spiritual practices creates a fresh experience that feels gentle, nourishing and deep all at the same time.

Dani, Nosara Costa Rica

Great vibes. Highly recommend!

Had an amazing time at Shambhala ✨
Exactly as described. A quite and beautiful spot, just above the turtle nesting beach
Great view to the ocean, surrounded by trees, with monkeys visiting in the mornings.
Isabelle is an amazing kundalini yoga teacher. Great vibes.
Highly recommend!

Toby Israel


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